About me

a small story about myself

Hello Foodie Utopians!

My name is Samantha Nguyen, and I’m a full time student in the University of Toronto located in the downtown core. When I’m not crammed up in the library and studying for an upcoming exam, midterm or preparing for that presentation or assignment that’s due – I am a passionate blogger on one essential in every single person’s life – and that is EATING! Food, drinks, dining and exploring the world of food in the top quality restaurants around Toronto and the GTA – these are some of the little things in my life that I enjoy engaging in. Each post on Foodie Utopia is given as an honest representation of the restaurants I’ve conquered, and is personalized for each unique dining experience I have the honor of having with friends and family.

With a huge photo collection of all the different foods I’ve eaten, I thought opening this blog will allow me to document all of these fabulous tastes I had the privilege of having. So welcome, join me on this journey I call Foodie Utopia and dine with me