Love was in the air on Valentine’s day – and certainly was for me when I had the chance to visit Donatello Restaurant on Elm Street with my date for the evening. After visiting Sambucas on Church in January, I was definitely in the mood to try out some more Italian cuisine, and because I wanted to blog another great restaurant excursion, Donatello was the obvious choice! 


My boyfriend and I walked along the romantic and cozy Elm Street and were greeted by a beautiful, elegant sign reading “Donatello” and upon entry, we were greeted by the air of romance. Couples around Toronto have also heard some great things about Donatello, and have decided to make their way to this restaurant as well. Good thing we made reservations! We were greeted by a hostess, who was wearing a beautiful red dress, and were lead to our table for 2. 

The waiter was extremely kind, and the service was very upbeat – he sat us at our table and laid the napkins on our laps so we could prepare for our meals. We ordered the Valentine’s day three course meal for the evening, and I’m excited to write about the dishes we had!


Of course with any fancy restaurant, there comes the starting bread and butter to fill our palette a bit. The butter was very creamy and tasted fresh – as well as the bread which was soft and warm. 


We got our first course in some time; on the top left we have my first course which was Mussels that were prepared similarly to the ones I had at Sambucas, expect it was in a white wine sauce. This was very delicious, and I believe that the quantity was perfect for my palette. On the right side was my boyfriend’s Soup of the Day which he had selected, only to be a little bit disappointed. I took a taste of this one as well and I thought that it was almost resembling a bowl of Campbell’s soup, but in a fancier bowl.


The main courses however, improved our impressions on Donatello, and I must say that their presentation was stellar. On the top left was my selection of Shrimp Spaghetti which was served beautifully. It was a little bit sour to taste, however the different seasonings at the table like the olive oil and a request of cheese helped balance the tastes. The right side up top was my partner’s Crab Ravioli which actually looked and taste phenomenal. He finished his main course even before I did! 


We finished our mains, and we couldn’t go without our dessert! The both of us had a plate of Homemade Tiramisu which is probably my favourite dessert to eat. Donatello’s tiramisu was very light and had the perfect amount of sweetness, as well as amount. It wasn’t too large to feel overwhelmed, and it was perfect to taste. I thoroughly enjoyed dessert, as did my partner. 


Overall, it was quite a romantic evening at Donatello. The ambiance was great, despite a full house in the restaurant, the service was exceptional and the food was delicious. The dim lighting and candle lit tables made me feel like I was transported into the most romantic setting in Toronto – and I was glad to share such an experience with the person I love. Great job Donatello!

For more information on Donatello, take a visit to their website:

Plating – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 
Ambiance – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 
Taste – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 
Service –♡ ♡ ♡ ♡