When you’re in Toronto, you’ll notice that the desire for Indian cuisine is growing in popularity. With bold tastes and a variety of spices, you cannot go wrong with Indian food.

This is why I decided to give Dumka Kitchen a try! Not only do they have Indian flair, but they specialize in Hyderabadi cuisine.

Dumka Kitchen has all your wants for Hyderabadi food and they are Toronto based. They are available for delivery, pick up and UberEats – and they can easily be reached on WhatsApp, Instagram and Calls.

For my order, I had a chance to try their Chicken BriyaniManchurian Fish, Hyderabadi Chicken Curry, Naan, and Gulab Jamun.

The Chicken Biryani was none like any I have eaten. This biryani was filled with flavour, and had very large pieces of beautiful chicken inside (a drumstick and a piece of chicken thigh I believe). Sadhvi mentioned to me that the biryani was steamed for a full hour and had some great flavours soaked into it for a long period of time. I definitely could not agree more! Kudos to Charan and Anil, the chefs behind the masterpieces at Dumka Kitchen.

The Manchurian Fish was interesting – usually I have fish Asian style, so having it in more of an Indian fashion had an interesting twist. It had some assortment of green bell peppers and cooked onions as well, which added to the flavour.

The Hyderabadi Chicken Curry was definitely the star of the show though, as this curry dish was just packed with flavour, boldness and authenticity. The curry was perfectly made with the right texture in the gravy, and the fresh coriander on top added a great touch to both presentation and taste. There were generous amounts of chicken that could be found within the curry, and each bite promised tender and juicy chicken. Paired with some yogurt to manage spice control, this curry is one that you can’t miss when trying out Dumka Kitchen.

Lastly, the Gulab Jamun was actually a nice way to end off the meal. In the past when I have had Gulab Jamun, I was always hesitate because it was packed with sugar, and after one bite I was usually finished with it. However, the Gulab Jamun at Dumka Kitchen really blew me away – it was sweet, but it wasn’t too sweet. The warmth managed to stay even after our commute, and really added a nice touch to the end of our meal. It was absolutely fantastic.

Overall, there is a lot to be said about Dumka Kitchen, but in short – it was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend anyone in the Toronto area to give this a try, if you are a fan of Indian cuisine. I am certain you will have a great experience interacting with Rishi, the one who is managing everything from customers to the cuisine at Dumka.