Have you ever heard of Hero Certified Burgers? Just wait until you read about Hero Certified Pizza in this recent visit I made to the new franchise in Stock Yards Village, which was recently built in the Toronto. I was invited by none other than the franchiser himself – who was kind enough to have me along with my guests (my boyfriend, my brother and his girlfriend) enjoy some of the delights that Hero Certified Pizza has to offer.


It was a bit difficult to find the place, given that it’s a new addition to the village and they didn’t have a sign up yet, however I’m confident that Hero Certified Pizza will be the first thing customers will see upon entry into the village. We entered the area and we were greeted to an open kitchen which displayed some beautiful arrays of the most unique pizzas I have ever seen! In addition to that, we were also greeted by the wonderful staff who were eager to serve us and had all of our needs catered to.


The unique thing about Hero Pizza was that all the ingredients are fresh from the market, and patrons are free to see exactly what ingredients have been used. Moreover, if they like a particular ingredient that you enjoyed, they were even able to purchase it! I thought that was a great addition to the restaurant.

We got a chance to browse the pizzas, and of course I had to have a selection among the four of us to try. We started off with some Coke as our beverage choice and then we were served fresh, miniature pizzas to taste.


Pictured above, we had the Breakfast Pizza which had egg, potato and bacon on top of pizza dough – this was a very interesting selection because I wasn’t sure if the combination of pizza and breakfast would fit. Hero Pizza definitely went passed my expectations – the breakfast pizza was actually one of my favourites that visit!

We also had a Prosciutto Pizza which had some fresh proscuitto and olive oil on top on a fresh dough. It was also a very delightful choice on the menu for lunch that day.

The Italian Sausage Pizza was also delicious, and was more preferable for me and my guests because it had more meat to enjoy. 

However on all the pizza, I can say that the freshness of the pizza dough and the ingredients in general couldn’t be unnoticed. Fresh ingredients on a pizza is definitely hard to find, and Hero Pizza successfully delivers this to all its customers.


Another unique feature of Hero Pizza were their Espresso Machines which were served right on the spot, and tasted absolutely phenomenal. I have never been a fan of espresso, mostly because they were very strong and bitter, but this particular espresso was very smooth, sweet and easy to take down. In addition, the strength of the espresso was still there – so I got to enjoy the taste of a latte, with the strength of an espresso. It worked out perfectly!

Hero Pizza has also been famously known for providing Chilli Peppers at the tables, something not many pizza joints offer. These are just as fresh as the other ingredients that have been served in Hero Pizza.


To end off the meal, we sampled some of their antipesti which consisted of a Prosciutto Sandwich and the Frutti de Mare which was an array of fried seafood in batter. These were also great additions to the meal we had and having the honour of sampling these was such a wonderful experience. The proscuitto sandwich was great, though the bread was a little bit tough. However, the frutti de mare was fried to perfection and the seafood was delicious. I personally didn’t like the dipping sauce only because it was spicy (though readers know I’m not a fan!)

Overall, it was such an honour to be able to come and try these items out – especially when I was personally invited by the Creator himself! I’m looking forward to when Hero Pizza skyrockets in the food business, because I can see how much passion and potential this place will offer many Torontonians, and people in general! Thank you Hero Pizza for giving me such fresh tastes and priceless experiences.

For more information on Hero Certified Pizza, check out their information on the Stock Yards Village website: https://www.stockyardsvillage.com/store/Hero-Certified-Pizza/2138944021/

Plating – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 
Ambiance – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 
Taste – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 
Service –♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡