If you’re looking for a hot, delicious sandwich filled with savoury flavours and delicious scents, look no further! Jasmin Sandwiches is the ideal spot for all people to indulge in. Situated in North York, this sandwich establishment is stellar in their service, delivery and tastes that they have to offer.

I had the honour of getting my taste of Jasmin Sandwiches in Toronto, where I asked for a delivery of a variety of their products. I gave them a very specific time and place, and they were extremely prompt with their service and delivery! I was greeted with beautiful smiles and presented with well packaged bags full of delicious scents.

The choices that I received from Jasmin Sandwiches are a good representation of what they offer at their restaurant – from traditional sandwiches to hot sandwiches and cheeseburgers; Jasmin Sandwiches aims to delight the customer’s mouths with fresh food and memorable eats.

I started off the indulging with Jasmin Sandwiches’ famous Special Hot Dish which consists of Fries, Deli Meats, Mozzarella Cheese, and Mushrooms with a sauce topping of what appeared to be ketchup and their special house sauce. I really enjoyed this dish, as it was piping hot and could even serve more than one person. The combination of the melted cheese with all the other ingredients, especially the fried mushrooms added an impactful experience eating this dish. I actually could have lived without the olives in the dish, but I could see how some people may like it! Olives tend to add a buttery taste to any meal, while being quite healthy to eat!

They also offer a Spicy Hot Dish which is essentially the same as the Special Hot Dish, except it has a mix of beef sausages as oppose to deli meats (and of course it was spicy as well!) Perhaps if you’re a spicy fan, you’d do well to try out this dish on your visit to Jasmin Sandwiches!

Now of course, Jasmin Sandwiches has a delicacy of different sandwiches that you can take a bite into! They offer sandwiches with a more traditional, Iranian feel along with classics such as sandwiches and burgers filled with wonderful deli meats or patties. I was lucky enough to have a taste of a variety of different sandwiches they offer.

I started off with having a taste of the Veal Tongue, which was simply exploding with flavours from the Seasoned Veal Tongue, Tomatoes, Pickled Cucumbers, Onions, Parsley, and Special Sauce. The one thing that made each of the sandwiches really stand out was the bread – it was tasting more like a pita and it really absorbed the flavours from the meat and sauce within it. In addition to this, the sandwich itself, despite being delivered from North York, was still fresh and reasonably hot in temperature. Just imagine if you grabbed one of these straight from Jasmin Sandwiches location!

The Mix of Beef Sausages sandwich was also a delight because it was filled with a variety of ingredients (similarly to the Veal Tongue) to give it its unique and wonderful taste. This included the mix of beef sausages, fried chopped onions, parsley, pickled cucumber, tomato, along with some special Iranian spices and sauce. I thought this was more to my taste because of the variety of my favourite meat (beef!) and the mixture with the ingredients (particularly with the fried onion) made the sandwich more filling than I had imagined!

I had also received the Royal Roast Beef Sandwich which offers a more simple variety: seasoned roast beef, tomatoes, pickled cucumber along with their special sauce. This would be an ideal choice for individuals who want the same impactful, savoury experience as the other sandwiches with less ingredients to chew on.

Last but not least, I was able to get a taste of the Mushroom Cheeseburger which consisted of Grilled Ground Beef, Pickled Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese, Mushroom, and Special Sauce. The burger itself was huge and was such a pleasure to behold. I was surprised that a burger could be such a great size, and it was beautifully made with all the ingredients intact, despite being delivered. Usually when you’re making sandwiches and burgers, in general the contents inside begin to fall out or get really messy. Jasmin Sandwiches did a wonderful job ensuring that every sandwich and burger was made to perfection.

Overall, a fantastic discovery for Foodie Utopia. Jasmin Sandwiches has excelled my expectations in not only great tasting food, but also amazing service. For more information on Jasmin Sandwiches, have a look at their beautifully polished website: http://jasminsandwich.ca/index.html


Plating – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Ambiance – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡  

Taste – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡   

Service – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡