John and Son’s Oysterhouse was a treat for me because I haven’t been to a restaurant for oysters since I had gone 2 summers ago with my brother. Upon a friend’s suggestion to catch up and chat, we got to visit this splendid oysterhouse not only for happy hour oysters and happy hour chit-chat, but also for foodie utopia! 


John and Son’s Oysterhouse was a hidden gem; which can be found in a small alley area just south of Nathan Philips Square on Temperance Street. Getting there with my company was smooth, despite the rainy day that we were having during our mission there, but we were far from disappointed when we got inside. We were greeted by the waiter who took us to our seats and the decor inside (despite being a bit dark) was screaming modern interior design with splashes of vintage. A bar took centrepiece of the restaurant – with high tables and stools for patrons to sit in for dining surrounding it. My company and I settled into our seat, and the waiter was more than happy to give us recommendations on the menu, in addition to our oysters that night.

Our Orders at John and Son’s:


Obviously coming to an Oysterhouse, my friend and I had to grab some yummy oysters, and so oysters was what we got! A dozen oysters for the sharing fresh from Prince Edward Island – paired with a variety of oyster sauces (pictured on the left of the top photo) to season our oysters with. The different sauces were as follows:

  1. The Hot Sauce – Which, foodie utopians know, I didn’t touch!
  2. The Thai Sauce – This particular sauce served a similar taste as plum sauce; sweet and savory with a tang of spice to it
  3. The Oyster Cocktail Sauce – This one is a popular choice among oyster lovers in general, and serves as a classic to season your oyster. Along with the horseradish, this was a great treat
  4. The Seafood Sauce – This sauce reminded me of fish sauce I use to season my Vietnamese meals (pictured beside the vinegar bottle sauce up top); it added a saltier and savory taste to the sweetness of the oyster.
  5. Vinegar Sauce – I didn’t have this for myself, nor did my company, however it is an option for you if you come to John and Son’s.
  6. Lemon and Horseradish – This combination was probably my favourite with the oysters. The lemon was sweet and the horseradish gave the rough, spicy taste (which surprisingly was enjoyable for myself!). Altogether, it gave the tongue an array of tastes for a pleasurable experience.

In addition to the dozen oysters my friend and I shared, a shareable appetizer of calamariwas also ordered that night. Smoked haddock brandade stuffed calamari, piquillo peppers, montanini & piccoline olives, romesco sauce, and grilled rustique bread called for a feast to the eyes and the stomach! The calamari was cooked beautifully and in combination with the variety of tastes from the olives and the sauce, it was a great delicacy.


All in all, John and Son’s Oysterhouse was a success! My aim for foodie utopia has been to explore more oysterhouses and seafood to expand the collection of posts, as well as the collection of memories with people that matter to me – I am happy to say that I am slowly achieving these little goals for myself. Now that I have more time with summer around the corner, perhaps there will be more opportunities to explore my own city for these hidden gems – I am very excited for what’s to come!

For more information on John and Son’s, visit their greatly polished website for details on their selection and location:


Plating – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Ambiance – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡   

Taste – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡  

Service – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡