Back another Saturday evening with a foodie utopian blog post for you! Kyoto Housewas a popular choice of many Torontonians for some time who were looking for some all you can eat sushi in the downtown core. My boyfriend and I made a visit here after a day of classes, feeling hungry as ever for some AYCE sushi.


We were greeted by staff who took us to an empty table with your typical Japanese china. Although it was mediocre, the plates were clean and presentable for the food we were going to get!

The two of us hunched down on a fill-in sheet which had a variety of options to choose from for our meal. Feeling hungry, we ended up ordering in bulk, which may have not been the greatest idea. This is because we got full too fast! If you’re going to master the art of AYCE, you must order in smaller portions so you can enjoy yourself, but also get your maximum fill (speaking from experience!


We got some orders of Salmon and Tuna Sushi which is displayed at the top of this paragraph here. I ordered 10 pieces of each of these and it was actually quite delicious. My boyfriend and I actually preferred the White Tuna over the Salmon at the Kyoto House that evening.


Of course, we also had Miso Soup and Salad, and the miso soup was nice and hot for the cold weather we were having in the evening. However, I was extremely disappointed with the salad. Not only was the sauce non-authentic, but the water from the lettuce was basically dripping into the bowl, creating a watery mess of ranch looking sauce at the bottom of the bowl. Talk about disappointing! I didn’t end up finishing that appetizer.


Now we cannot be entering an AYCE Japanese restaurant, without ordering any rolls! My partner and I ended up ordering a great lumpsum of rolls, which really took our appetite for the evening. We had ordered all these rolls, and yet the chefs managed to stuff them all on one plate. I think that they may have done a better job if they weren’t rushing to get the rolls onto our table on one plate. It was a rather small plate and appeared as if the rolls were going to fall off – which I didn’t like. Moreover, the maki rolls themselves were full of rice which wouldn’t stick together, and fall apart. Even the taste was only okay, it passed as a maki roll, but it was definitely not my best tasting one. At least I know now! 

Traditionally, I usually grab shrimp tempura with my sushi meals, however they didn’t have it on the menu for the night. I ended up grabbing some hot items of the Yam Tempura and Gyoza variety. The yam tempura was pretty tasty, but the Gyoza was just terrible. The outside was crisp, but the filling inside tasted like water. It was also filled with nothing expect for some green vegetables, no meats whatsoever. I wasn’t too impressed with the hot menu items for the night.


In terms of service, the staff were quite friendly, however I find that they are pretty forgetful, and you can expect to remind your waitress/waiter of your request at least 3 times. There were many occasions during my sitting that I had to ask for more tea or water, and they had even mixed up our dessert order of Green Tea (which was still delicious, but unfortunately I didn’t get a picture). The restaurant was getting a bit busy though, so I can see how they may have forgotten.

Overall, Kyoto House has been around for some time, and I can understand why many people would come here. Perhaps not so much for the taste, but for the quantity and the price that they offer – it’s definitely more inexpensive comparing with other Japanese restaurants. I wouldn’t mind making a stop back here if I ever feel like grabbing a lot of sushi, but for next time I’ll know what to order!


For more information on Kyoto House, visit their website:


Plating – ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Ambiance – ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Taste – ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Service – ♡ ♡