Paramount Fine Foods is a Middle Eastern restaurant serving high end “fine” foods, however I would beg to differ. I made this visit here with Jacob, who is of Middle Eastern descent, to test out just how “fine” this food was. Here on Foodie Utopia, I’ll tell you exactly how our experience went.

Jacob and I had to wait for our seats for approximately 15 minutes. I recall because it was a little bit chilly that day, even though it was early June. Once we got to our seats we were presented with a polished menu. This was a nice way to start, however looking at the menu only takes so long. We had an order in mind but service took a fair amount of time to get to our table and actually take our order. So long in fact, that Jacob and I contemplated numerous times whether to go somewhere else. Luckily for them, they did end up taking the order and the evening continued.

A few minutes later, some starters came out for us – a special sort of bread. It was a hollow, pita-like bread, which you can tell came straight from the oven. However, it was quite bland. We requested for some hummus in order to enhance the taste, only to find that we never got our hummus when asked for. And so, the starter “started” the evening quite disappointingly.

More time passed, and if Jacob and I were not able to talk, the wait would have taken far longer than it felt. Eventually the waitress came out with our order. On the top was my dinner for the night – I had ordered the Yalla Special which consisted of French Fries, Chicken Sharwarma and Tahini Sauce. This was, by far, nothing “special” as its title claims. Not only was there such a small portion of fries and chicken sharwarma – the dish itself wasn’t even hot. 

Next up, we have Jacob’s order which was the Kafta Platter I believe. The arrangement of the dish was a bit sad – almost as sad as my order. In addition, on Jacob’s account, and mine as well, the Kafta was extremely dry and even cold. The rice and salad were all mediocre, and the overall dish was just not the warm food that we were anticipating. 

Unfortunately, the only “satisfying” thing that Paramount had to offer was their Hot Beverages, however any restaurant could serve such things. Jacob got himself some coffee and I had some green tea. It was hot, and it was nice, but the price wasn’t so much. I’m sure that there are many alternatives to hot beverages at much cheaper prices.

If fellow Foodie Utopia readers ever come across a Paramount Fine Foods in your life, I would recommend much better and cheaper places to visit for Middle Eastern Cuisine. In addition to poor service and tasteless food, the pricing is definitely marked up, and the authenticity was not authentic at all.

However, if curiosity gets the better of you and you still want to try it out, do visit their website first to see what meals could food your appetite:


Plating – ♡ ♡ 

Ambiance – ♡ ♡ ♡

Taste – ♡ 

Service – ♡ ♡