Sometimes, it’s nice to find a reason to dress up and dine in style – foodie utopia had the chance to take an unforgettable experience up to the 36th floor of the TD Tower to the books. Stratus is a fine dining experience you don’t want to miss out on!

With a beautifully polished atmosphere and stellar views of the Toronto city – you cannot go wrong with Stratus – it offered one of the greatest ambiance and service any customer would ever dream of. 


This was a treat for my birthday – my boyfriend knew that I wanted to try out new fine dining in Toronto and chose one that I had my mind on, upon my brother’s suggestion. Upon entry, I was not disappointed – we were greeted by the hostess who lead us to a great table facing the CN Tower and the Harbourfront area. Their menus were clear and offered recommendations on popular choices at their restaurant – so ordering was pleasant and smooth. 


We started off our dinner with a special appetizer – the Classic Steak Tartare. This dish was prepared with Kozlicks triple crunch mustard, watercress, caperberry and gaufrette potato chips. I’ve grown a fond love for steak tartare during my visits to Paris, and I loved that it appeared on the menu at Stratus. My partner has never had steak tartare and was leaving for Paris soon, so I wanted him to have the steak tartare experience before he got there. I thought that the steak tartare was really refreshing – the softness and temperature of the beef was perfect and the tastes were absolutely splendid. On the other side of the table, my partner really enjoyed it himself which made me happy as well! Overall it was a great start to the evening.


Shortly after completion of the appetizer, our main courses came out with great timing – displayed on the table we had Crisp Skinned BC Chinook Salmon (shown above)and Tiger’s Butter Chicken (shown below). The Salmon was my order – and it had along with it toasted sesame and soy dressed soba noodle salad, as well as edamame pesto. The contrast between the hot and crispy salmon and the coolness of the soba noodle really made this dish phenomenal for me – it also helped to have the edamame pesto to tie the dish altogether. I thought the soba noodles were prepared nicely with a very refreshing yet filling taste – and the salmon meat was very flaky and soft – as salmon should be prepared. The crisp skin added texture to the meal which was also a delight to have at Stratus – I was very happy with this main course.


On the other side of the table, my date for the night had the Tiger’s Butter Chicken – which was a popular choice from past customers according to the menu. Along with it, there was spiced basmati rice, naan bread, and cucumber raita. According to him, the dish was very good – and he enjoyed all components of the meal. However, he thought that the cucumber raita was too creamy, which was not to his preference. Overall, he seemed to enjoy the meal, based on what was left on his plate!


It’s not so often that I have the opportunity to fine dine, especially with the best of company on a special occasion. Stratus offered outstanding service – the staff was always happy to be of assistance for us – whether that was checking up on our table or taking pictures so we could capture our moments together. The food was great tasting, filling and satisfied our stomachs. Most importantly, the experience with Stratus gave me memories that would last a long time – I am excited to have a reason to go back!

For more information on Stratus and their fine establishment – visit their website:


Plating – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Ambiance – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Taste – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡  

Service – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡