Particularly in the city, sometimes it’s difficult to find some fresh, quality food very quickly. You’re either going to a fancy restaurant to get quality (at a high price!) or going to a takeout restaurant that serves its customers mediocre food. At the Original Gyro Grill, or OG Grill for short, you can get not only the greatest takeout service, but also some delicious quality!

Located on Walmer Street, which is West of Bloor and Spadina, The OG Grill serves quality Greek cuisine within a convenient location. For my fellow UofT students – perhaps this is a spot that might interest you, and give you a break away from all the food trucks on campus! As for any other Foodie Utopian that is reading this, if you just want to have your flair of Greek cuisine, the OG Grill is definitely for you.

My partner and I entered the establishment and it was greatly polished and kept to a red and orange theme in the atmosphere. The ambiance simply screamed “OG Grill”, particularly that rather large logo on the wall! However, it was a really great way to know where I’m going to for some fresh eats.

While I made my visit to the OG Grill, I had my chance to get a good taste of what the OG Grill is all about, due to the variety of food that the OG Grill had to offer us! I was pleasantly surprised by the mass spread of options that I had the privilege to indulge in.

Talk about an amazing lunch! My partner and I had the following food while we were at The OG Grill:

  • Pork Wrap, which was filled with a variety of veggies, fries and sweet potato fries. This was also garnished with difference sauces which were an excellent addition to the meal. We had also gotten the chance to try the Pork and Chicken Wrap Combination which was also a great treat.
  • The OG Fries; which were perfectly crisp French Fries served with some kind of white sauce and cheese. Perfectly marinated and truly a great appetizer to have. The portion size alone could have been my entire lunch!
  • Grilled Calamari on top of Salad, which was beautifully dressed with a house sauce, and served with a side of white yogurt for dipping and pita bread. This was one of my favourite options during my time at the OG Grill, it’s very hard to come by a good quality calamari, and of the grilled variety too! The portions were also a decent size and could serve up to two people alone!
  • The Kafta Chicken on top of Fries – this one had a very succulent chicken on top of crispy fries, and was dressed with a house sauce to pack in some flavour. This one was also one of my favourite things to eat during my time at the OG Grill and the portion size was definitely worth the price that they were sold at!
  • Lastly, we were served what was definitely my favourite dish of the afternoon, Chicken Skewers with Rice, Salad and a side of White Yogurt and Baked Potatoes. The potatoes were freshly baked and the salad had great flavours incorporated with the salad dressing, but the skewers were just absolutely phenomenal. You could tell that they had been grilled to perfection and the marination of the chicken was paired perfectly with the White Yogurt. Having the rice and salad on the side as well made this Chicken Skewer dish a full out meal!

Overall, the Original Gyro Grill was truly a hidden gem. As far as Greek Cuisine is concerned, it doesn’t get better than at the OG Grill! I would highly recommend visiting this location to grab your potential lunch after class or work!

For more information on the OG Grill, take a gander at their website:


Plating – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Ambiance – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Taste – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Service – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡