When The Pig Came Home, there was delicious food to be found! This establishment located on Dundas West is such a delight and has really formed its own community with the area. I was invited to try out some of their delicious offerings by the owner, who was a very kind man and really guided my partner and me through the cuisine that they had to offer, along with his staff that was also working. You can definitely tell that the service who work there treated each other not as colleagues, but almost like family.

I really liked the atmosphere at When The Pig Came Home – it was polished with white wooden walls and dark, hardwood floors. They had shelves of food that you could purchase to take home for cooking, as well as a deli of meats that could also be taken out. It was almost like a sandwich shop/grocery where you could take products home for your own cooking with some quality ingredients.

My partner and I weren’t there to get meat though, we were there to try out some of When The Pig Came Home’s fabulous sandwiches! Ryan was able to give us a taste of some of their greatest and most popular items on the menu.

We started off with your classic Ginger Ale/Canada Dry and Coke straight from the fridge, being guarded by a very beautifully crafted Pig atop the fridge! It’s a very rare occurrence to find pop in its glass containers, so I was really excited to have a nice cold coke. In fact, this was probably my first time seeing Canada Dry in a glass bottle form! Both my partner and I really enjoyed these two drinks.

The first sandwich to greet us was this delicious looking Smoked Meat Sandwich, which was a simple creation of smoked pork meat sandwiched in between two loaves of white bread that had a spread of mustard on it. At first, I was a bit stunned at how homemade this sandwich looked, and then when I took my first bite I was baffled. It was such a delicious piece of meat first off – I was concerned that having smoked meat would be rather dry, but I was impressed and pleasantly surprised by the tenderness and savory flavours of the meat. Secondly, the meat was already so packed with flavour that the white bread and mustard simply complimented the meat to make one really amazing sandwich! This is definitely a must-have if you decide to go to When The Pig Came Home!

We were then greeted by the House Pork Sandwich which was truly my favourite meal to come by. The pork was glazed beautifully in a house sauce and complimented itself with its own fat for taste. The bun was also of high quality, and this sandwich incorporated steamed vegetables in garlic as well. The steam vegetables really hit home with me because it added to the richness of the pork. My first bite into this sandwich and I was truly in awe. I was very excited to see what was coming next!

Next up, we had the Original Peameal Sandwich and Jerk Chicken. Peameal (something that I learned during my visit) is actually a type of bacon that was created and originated from Toronto! That was a really interesting fact that I wasn’t aware of before my visit. The sandwich was a nice treat, it tasted almost like a Germany schnitzel in bread. This came with a side of what I believe was honey dijon, which was also great to have. The Jerk Chicken was definitely a treat as well – personally, I don’t turn towards the jerk variety because of my lack of tolerance for spice, however, this jerk chicken was very succulent and not so spicy at all. If you wanted to make it spicy (which my partner did!) you’re given a side of fermented hot sauce which will add just the spicy kick you want!

Fun fact: The Original Peameal Sandwich use to be the only menu option at When The Pig Comes Home – it wasn’t until over time that they started adding more options to the menu. another fun fact as well, When The Pig Comes Home has been catering to their customers’ tastes by actually naming sandwiches after them based on additions that they have made to their sandwiches! It’s a menu specifically made for any customer that creates their own menu choices, and I thought this was just a spectacular idea.

Overall, it was truly a pleasure being able to visit this location – I only wish that it was closer to downtown! However, if you’re around the area, say hello to Ryan – he was such a kind man and he will definitely treat you like family when you arrive at the shop. When The Pig Comes Home was definitely a treat and I’d recommend this wonderful place to anyone I meet that’s looking for great sandwiches!

For more information on When The Pig Comes Home – have a look at their website: https://www.whenthepigcamehome.ca/


Plating – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Ambiance – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Taste – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Service – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡