Hi Foodie Utopians! It’s been a long while since I’ve come back into my blogging for foodies to indulge in, but I intend on firing up my blogging once more, with a strong passion! School has taken on most of my time – especially after I recently got into my graduate program at the University of Toronto as a future policy leader! Midterms, assignments, presentations and reports have drawn me away from blogging, regrettable. 

However, I came to realize that I must make time for the things that I love, and blogging is one of them! I’ve had the privilege of exploring some new places, but failed to document here on Foodie Utopia for you to see. For now, I’ll start with one trend that I thoroughly enjoy engaging in and that’s half priced chicken wings on Tuesdays! In this blog post we will be recalling a visit to one of the Wild Wings locations in Toronto.


Usually I take a visit to St. Louis for a good pound of chicken wings and fries (1/2 priced with a purchase of a beverage) only because it is in close vicinity of my condo, however my company and I wanted to try out some new chicken wing spots. What could be better than a restaurant that brands itself for its chicken wings?

We entered Wild Wings at Yonge and College, prior to our movie night at the Carlton Cinema to watch “Halloween” in theatres. The ambiance held a comfortable, family-style restaurant vibe – with a pail bucket to hold chicken bone remains from their selections on the menu. Since it was Tuesday, of course the restaurant was fairly crowded. Overhead the tables, they had plasma TVs where customers could watch hockey, basketball, and other sports galore. We were seated and ordered quickly in order to be on time for the movie at 9pm.


We ended up getting 2 pounds of chicken wings along with a side of fries and our purchase of drink being a pitcher of beer. My partner got the Sweet Escape Chicken Wings (showcased above) which was a delicious combination of honey garlic, caesar, and parmesan. I sampled one of the wings for myself and it was a great delight! 


On my end of the table, we had a pound of the famous Garlic Parmesan (aka, Gar Par) Chicken Wings which is another sauce of popular choice. It consists of a creamy garlic parmesan sauce atop of wonderfully glazed chicken wings.  This was a delicious meal in itself and I thoroughly enjoyed the delicacy we had that night.

I liked that the tables were already set with a roll of paper towel, along with all the condiments and wet towels to deal with maintenance after the meal! It saved time to request for napkins from the servers or ask for ketchup for our fries. 


Paired with our meal, we also shared a pitcher of beer, which I must say was only ok with the meal. I found that the beer filled my satiation faster, which curbed my appetite for the chicken wings (although I finished it all!) 

This may have been experienced because of the timing of the waitresses in delivering our orders – they ended up bringing everything to the table all at once, forcing us to finish everything in one go. We should have been able to have some beer before indulging into our meal. I’ll cut some lack only because it was a busy night, but this is definitely something that should be improved upon. 

Overall, half priced chicken wings is a tradition which I plan on adopting for future weeks to come, and Wild Wings is most definitely an option to go to for those Tuesdays! If you are looking for a reasonably priced date, a good hangout spot to bond with friends, or just feel like having a pound of wings by yourself (because why not?!) – Wild Wings is truly a plausible option.

For more information on Wild Wings, have a gander at their site and find a location near you: https://www.wildwingrestaurants.com 

Plating – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 
Ambiance – ♡ ♡ ♡ 
Taste – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 
Service –♡ ♡ ♡