Chicken Rice has been a delicacy in Chinese Cuisine for many years. Therefore, you can see why Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice has been around since 1830! My partner and I decided to take a visit to their Mississauga location to try out this esteemed dish.

The first thing I wanted to comment on – it was fairly difficult to enter the restaurant. Not because of any accessibility issues but because Yang’s was also Yunshang Rice Noodle at the same time. Only a small portion of the menu was actually Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice, which sort of confused both myself and my partner when we were coming to the restaurant.

Regardless, once we figured out both Yunshang and Yang’s were one in the same, we entered the establishment and you could tell it was a new opening because the space was rather new, and embellished both modern touches with the dining furniture and light fixtures, and historical Chinese authenticity with their choice of wall art. It was definitely a pleasant space to be in for your evening dinner!

Ordering food here is very comprehensive – you simply check off what you want with a pen and hand it off to the waiter or waitress. The staff does a great job with communicating with you – as they take the time to confirm exactly what you ordered before taking the sheet back to the kitchen for it to be cooked.

All of the items we ordered came out in a very timely manner, and either came out fresh or piping hot! For drinks, we had ordered a Coke and their Signature Fresh Lemon Tea with Fruits. It was extremely delicious, however I did wish it was a bit colder and had more ice. The freshness and perfect sweetness of the drink was perfect though.

We also ordered two sides to get us started on our feast at Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice. The two sides included Cold Beef Slices with Chilli Sauce and Cilantro, as well as Popcorn Chicken. 

The popcorn chicken was actually something that my partner and I ordered when we had Yunshang’s Rice Noodle (see the blog post here: so having this appetizer again was a special treat. The Beef was new to me, and although it was on the spicier side for me, I can definitely tell how tasteful this dish was. My partner, who really enjoys spicy foods, loved it quite a bit. The cold beef actually added a great taste when we got our braised chicken and helped balance the varying temperatures of our meal that evening. The cilantro was also quite fresh and added to the side as well.

Altogether, we were also served the famous signature – Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice. We got them in both a medium spice level and regular spice level. Served sizzling and boiling in a clay pot, this was definitely the “one pot wonder” that was advertised by Yang’s on their restaurant sign.

My partner really enjoyed his boneless version of the braised chicken along with the cold beef and his drink. He also commented that the spice level of the dish was perfect for him and the flavours that were incorporated into the meal was spectacular.

For myself, this dish was definitely tasty and has shown me exactly why this restaurant has been around since 1830. You can definitely taste the history associated with the meal, as Chicken Rice has been a staple food for the Chinese for some time.

On a technical level (and strictly on my own tastes), I did think that the vegetables took a lot of the flavour from the chicken. For instance, the mushrooms and peppers ended up soaking up a lot of the flavour in the sauce, leaving only a fraction of the flavour on the chicken for me. In addition, I think that I could have made a better call on getting boneless chicken like my partner, as oppose to having the chicken with the bone. It made eating the dish a little bit difficult for me, as I was struggling with both the temperature of the dish and also watching for bones. Lastly, I could have also gone a spice level up with my chicken rice – it was more on the bland side for me with regular. My suggestion to you and myself in the future is to go with their Authentic spice level – I have strong faith it’ll be a whole different experience if I were to do that instead.

Overall, I have no complaints about Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice. It is clear why the establishment has been around for so long, and the space was extremely modern and spacious. The food and service was simply spectacular – it was just my personal choices on the menu that I believed left the experience with room for improvement.

For more information on Yang’s Chicken, have a look at their website:


Plating – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Ambiance – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Taste – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Service – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡